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Collective Consciousness : there’s an app for that!

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This is a project initiative I’ve anticipated for some long while now. I’ve been aware of the Global Consciousness Project (which emerged out of the PEAR lab at Princeton University) for some while now also.  In fact, I was in the room with a small handful of other geeky big-brained men (Steven Foster, Jim Fournier, […]

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12:12:12 – Day of the Dodecadodecadodecatheon

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December 12, 2012  is the last of the repeating dates to occur until January 1, 2101. What might this mean? Here are a variety of meaningful things about the number twelve: The last time “12/12/12″ occurred was December 12, 1912.  It was a Thursday, a day just before Friday the 13th.  Here’s what they said about “12-12-12″ 100 […]

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From Gambling to Gamification

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Gamification is a hot topic these days, and it’s here to stay.  While the on-ling gaming industry has been around for some time, growing right along side the web itself, the notion of gamification is now gaining the attention of all types of big brand businesses and startups implementing the social influences of points, badges, […]

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New Jalaka Website & New Flash Apps!

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I’m pleased to announce the launch of the new website (a major re-design of the 2005 original).  Along with this launch, there is a much improved version of the Flash Global Network Map v6.0 app, a new version of the AION : AstroChart v1.5 app, and a slight upgrade to the Tzolkin Calculator v1.4 app. […]

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AS 3.0 Boolean Conversion

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I created a custom ActionScript class for converting a String value to Boolean value.  Why would I need that?  In this case, I have an application that imports customization parameters from an XML file.  The XML parameters can accept any value such as “true” or “false”, however, they are all naturally imported as String data […]

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Thrive VE Sector Navigator

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On November 11, 2011 (11.11.11), the much anticipated Thrive film and website premiered at locations worldwide.  The premiere of the Thrive film and website is significant, as these media are perhaps the most comprehensive and compelling forms of media (so far) communicating one of the most important messages in the history of humanity.  I highly […]

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Rainbow Dream Temple

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These are the preliminary architecture and design plans for a “Rainbow Dream Temple” being collaboratively produced by a group of creatives for the Maui Source event in early 2012 ( ): The temple space is intended to inspire sacred space, and will host a wedding ceremony and several workshops on dreams and rainbow physics. It […]

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Steve Jobs Vision: One Infinite Loop

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Included here is a description of a spontaneous vision which came to me around an hour before I received the news of Steve Job’s death. While I had not immediately realized it at the time, in retrospect, the vision now appears entirely related, and very likely synchronous with the actual last moment of Job’s life. […]

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Archetypal Semiotic Transference

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I’m assigning the term “Archetypal Semiotic Transference” (AST) to describe instances of semiosis where a symbol (or set of symbols) and its interpretation(s) in one disciplinary knowledge domain appears directly (and perhaps coincidently?) similar to a symbol (or set of symbols) and its interpretation(s) within an entirely different disciplinary knowledge domain.  By similarity, I mean similar in both […]

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Core Integral Design

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In 2009, I was enrolled by the design firm Ursa Minor to be involved with Core Integral in a collaborative team production of the “The Integral Approach” interactive courses in Integral Theory, created by Ken Wilber and Clint Fuhs.   This initial 8 DVD interactive instructional media, “Course 1: Essential Integral”, is the first of a […]

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